SoftLi (abbreviated software Liberec) is a company dealing with the collection of data from production lines. It develops an MES system that collects line operation data so that companies can effectively diagnose production. Unlike its competition, consisting of the majority of large rigid older companies that have overpriced products, it bets on a quick agile deployment of a system in the factory that is contemporary, much cheaper and easy to manage.

It is simplicity, clarity, friendliness and the ability to understand it for a person with marginal technical knowledge that is most prescribed in the logotype and identity of SoftLi. The latter bets on minimalism, playfulness with simple concrete elements that are familiar to the average non-technical user. He is thus not afraid of the complexity of the system, because all complicated programming functions are hidden behind the background of a clear, simple, sophisticated system.


The symbol is a combination of the letters "S" and "i", which is both the first and last letter of the Name and the initials of the phrase "information system". After rotating the Symbol by 90°, the "i" is enclosed in round brackets, which in the programming language makes the "i" a variable. It thus becomes a reference to programming activity, as the main essence of SoftLi.

The emphasized common part "i" and "S" associates Leaf in the air, which refers to the original meaning of the word softly - lightly, softly.


The "i" was created by simply adding a dot in a specific composition to the letter "S". It is the exact position of the dot that gives the value of the information (that the center of the letter "S" is actually "i"). It is from this that the following accompanying identity draws, composed of dots in various compositions, which together with the accompanying gray lines form concrete elements. In this way, they can obtain other value information (for example, as in the placement in typography). The concretizing elements then create the impression of something familiar for customers, overcoming the barrier of the idea that the MES system must be a huge behemoth. Customers gain confidence in the system and do not fear it.

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