Jirka Hořavka

Captain of the team. Making us one big family all together, even though he has to take care of his own time to time.

David Šmíd

Dave's cool. He does 3D and he does it good. In free time he's probably taking you over in his tuned car.

Ondra Beneš

Magician of graphic design. Anything you thought it's impossible, he can do with passion and will hard to match. His secret superpower lie in illustration and paint. His favourite weapon is pencil, mouse and aerosol paint.

Tomáš Srb

The only and the best coder in __STROY. When he's not bustling hardcore codes, he's probably taking photos of naked girls or climbing nearest rock. Or both. E-mail:

Petr Hostaš

Everything that moves goes through this guy. He knows his craft and brings wild concepts to live anywhere he goes.


Founded by graduates of the Digital Art Program at the Technical University in Liberec and other young, contemporary culture connoisseurs from the northern Czech Republic, the visual studio _STROY has created designs which dance the line between art and technology since 2014. Founded by experts from different fields and backgrounds, their current projects range from web, motion, and 3D graphic design, to installations and mapping. _STROY is unique in their multi-faceted approach to art and design - blending insights from a variety of perspectives and disciplines to create something new.

Ondra Nosek