GG Booster

is a memorable and easily recognizable brand that develops a story centered on the player. The symbol, which will primarily appeal to this target group of professional and hobby e-sport gamers, together with the identity, completes the tenacious foundation for potent marketing.

The logo has enough potential to further develop the identity and marketing in all possible forms, packaging, cosplay and more.

A strong brand with a story will help create a community of returning, engaged and die-hard GG fans.

logo complete with character

packaging mockup



A character was designed for the GG booster that serves as a guide and the main draw on the packs. In addition, the cover has specific illustration and typography details printed in a metallic finish.

GG booster has three flavors and each is focused on a different element: blood - enemiesblood, flames - liquidfire and electricity for freshtunder.

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