Cermitech is a fast growing automation company. It excels in the possibility of ensuring the complete construction of an automatic line, from the design of the lines for the line, the design of the line itself, electrical installation, software, to the subsequent collection of data and work with them. It thus moves in the spheres of Industry 4.0, which it effectively puts into practice.


The basis of the identity is the stylized shape of the segment from the 7-segment display, referring to the logo symbol, which is a number, and the fact that Industry 4.0 is mainly about the detection and processing of a large amount of numerical data. The shape is defined as a rectangle that has equally cut opposite corners at a 50° angle, which is defined by the slanted side of the "4" in the symbol. The logo then communicates well with the shape.


Unfortunately, the client usually cannot present his own work, because he signs an NDA for most projects. That's why we created supporting animations in the style of Industry 4.0, which complement the facts about the company and support the perception of the company as a competitor that has current trends and builds timeless lines.



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