Light on the tracks

We created this installation for the Kříšťálové údolí protecting glass in the north of Bohemia. With a historic freight car available, we've got a specific space for this installtion. For the presentation, we chose two chandeliers from the Preciosa workshops. Historical fixture from Teresian era and its modern interpretation by designer Rony Plesl.

Installation design

To contrast the historical and modern chandelier, we divided the wagon into two parts with a partition. The whole freight car's interior was blacked out to create perfect conditions for the projection. Visitors were welcomed by the description at the entrance to the car. We tried to create two different environments specific to the given chandeliers. For historical, we chose an anamorphic print in the form of a Terizan mirror and furniture. For the modern chandelier, on the other hand, the installation was purely minimalist and focused on the shapes and form of the chandelier, as the chandelier designer Rony Plesl intended. Many thanks for the technical support of Crystal Valley itself

Entrance to the installation


Behind the scenes

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