SSSSSSPACE At Signal festival

The SSSSSSpace project blends a variety of cutting edge technologies with street-art and custom sound design to create an unparalleled art installation. Animated projections light up original graffiti, transporting audiences from reality into an immersive multi-dimensional experience. The grey scale of the painting heightens the contrast and deepens the true black of the projections, bringing the piece from a flat plane into the third dimension, even in heavily light polluted areas. The layering of techniques involved results in a unique piece which may take different forms and sizes as dictated by the installation space.



As a canvas we had a wall next to an old asphalt playing field. We planned on building extra structure to add height and create more dissected space for the anamorphic graffiti to be placed on. First came sketching and visualising in Photoshop and other programs. As a topic for this years' festival served "NEXT:100" as a vision for next 100 years. So we grabbed already very strong genius loci and imagined what will happen in next 100 years with graffiti scene and how wild it can go. As a main hero was picked a falcon as a tribute to former glory of TJ Sokol Kralovské Vinohrady (sport club residing in a near by gymnasium, using said field for its sport events, Sokol = Falcon in Czech)

3D model has been created based on the sketches and studies of the site and prepared in grey scale for the painting. Also distributed to all the artist attributing to the scenes. 



Graffiti painting was very demanding part of the project. Covering around 150m¬≤ took more than two full days with all the fine details in the painting that has to copy 1:1 the original base 3D model. Using only grey scale to underline the projection, add structure and also work as a one off piece during the day.

As a content for the projection served a 5 minute content loop representing all kinds of scenes from next 100 years of street art scene. As a unifying element served falcon which helped to ground the installation in something real and greatly resonated with onlooking spectators. Creating intriguing illusion and play with light was a main direction for creation, other than that the direction was pretty loose to let every artist enough freedom to express his vision. Everything was composed together into faced paced edit reflecting speeding up society. All was crowned by custom music and SFX that strongly underlined the whole installation and deep base pulled everyone in.


Here you can enjoy the final edit with little bit of BTS. Whole installation visited around 500.000 people during 4 days running every 5 minutes with 5 minute interlude. Many spectators stayed for more than one loop to truly uncover all the concepts, metaphors and other magical details in the installation.

Thanks to everyone involved and all the spectators.

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